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Choose the purrfect photo

Pick the photo you love.

Take care that your photo meets the following 3 requirements, so that our talented designers can do their magic.

The better the photo quality, the better the result. Please upload a picture that is not pixeled or blurred. Don’t worry – your phone camera is usually enough to take the photo in necessary quality. 

Photo guide dos and donts quality

Please make sure that your picture is bright, so that the colors and shapes of your pet are properly visible. We recommend taking your photo outside in daylight, or in a well lit room.

Photo guide dos and donts exposure

Get a close up of your pet so that we can see as much detail as possible. Photos taken directly in front of your pet work best. Note that our artists can only design what has been shot, so do not forget to capture the ears!

Photo guide dos and donts composition


Let the magic happen

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Pick the design you love.

Currently we do offer two different type of designs.
Choose the one that you love the most.

Our cartoon art style keeps the details and shapes very in line with reality. In this style, the artist uses elements of realism and stylization to create a unique and visually striking portrait of your pet.


Low poly is a minimalistic art style which favors straightforward colors and geometry over details. Despite its minimalist appearance, low poly modeling requires a high degree of creativity to make the most of limited shapes and create a unique piece of art. 10

Get excited for your delivery

Get the product you love.

We know that you are excited, so we will do our best to ship all orders within less than a week so that you and your pet can enjoy the pawsome artwork as soon as possible.

But there is even more to be happy about. With every order you do good. We also donate a share of our revenues towards pet shelters. By expressing your love to your pet you are helping to save another furriend.

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